With boundless energy, a myriad of creative channels, and an unflinching commitment to child discipleship, all mixed together with a heart of worship at every diverse turn, Yancy Ministries has become a premiere destination for kids worship music and church resources utilized in children’s ministry around the globe. “I think diversity is something that happens in creative people,” notices Yancy, who has spent more than two decades on the front lines of artistry and ministry with an ever-increasing desire to serve fellow believers in many different areas. “I’m just one of those people who has a whole lot to share and express. My life plan has always included music. I started off doing more CCM music for teens and adults, then began leading worship for youth groups and church congregations, and with God’s prompting, started creating music for children and their families. There are several elements that are a part of the music and ministry that I do, and all of that combined makes me who I am. Some see those things as diverse. I just see it as me being obedient and doing what God has called me to do.”

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Children Worshipping God in Church
Worshipping God is One of Our Greatest Purposes

We gather to praise We gather to partake of the Presence of Christ We gather to be Taught and formed We gather to remember We gather to repent.

group of smiling children
The Heart of Kids Worship

Every week you have an opportunity through the songs that you sing in class to point kids to Jesus and help them express their adoration for the Lord. This is a tradition worthy of being passed on. Be strategic. Let’s raise up a generation that knows how to worship the One all praise is due.

Chrildren playing in a group outside
Cultivating A Culture Of Worship For Every Generation

What kind of adult worshippers do you want to have? And then begin to work backward to define and develop what the goal needs to be for each age group and classroom within your church. You have 936 Sundays in the life of a young person. That’s over 900 opportunities, as you gather, to help kids fall in love with Jesus through worship. 

Kids Worship
The Beauty of Kids Worship

Think about how your church can lead kids to develop a love to worship. Kids are by far the easiest group to lead in worship. It’s in them to worship just like it’s in any child to love and be near their parent.

Leading Children into the Presence of a Living God

We all want to see God move and be at work in our church family. Every week engage kids and give them the opportunity to find their hiding place in God’s presence. Even the youngest age class in your church can have a worship time.