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Mosaic MSC New Album: Heaven

Mosaic MSC New Album: Heaven

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Artist: MOSAIC MSC | Album: Heaven | Learn More:

Heaven is the follow-up EP to Glory & Wonder from Mosaic MSC, a touring worship band that has an enduring legacy based out of the Mosaic church in Los Angeles pastored by Erwin McManus. The first tune out of the box is “Mercy” and it sets the tone for the rest of the album with a contemporary California vibe that is fresh and engaging. “Never Let Me Down” led by Mariah McManus who has written songs for Grey’s Anatomy and other film and television projects, continues the journey. The pulsating sub bass and thoughtful lyrics use space and hearken the hearer to keep listening in and the payoff comes with “Engraved” and “Maker of Heaven” that blend the vocals with the right touch of effects that is not overproduced and interestingly creative and relevant.

The minimal approach to “Voice Memo” is a reminder that the music comes first and the songwriting process is a reward in and of itself and the listener gets to feel like they are in the studio as the flow and results are being birthed. Mosaic takes risks with “15” and the results are rewarding and fulfilling and closes out this four-star project with energy and charisma. Heaven is exactly that and well worth a listen from a seasoned worship band that delivers what it promises and does not let you down and leaves you wanting more which is what an EP is designed to do.

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