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Becoming More Like the Jolly Green Giant

Becoming More Like the Jolly Green Giant

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I don’t know why but my son is enamored with statues. When he snags my iPad, he’s quickly looking up pictures of giants erected somewhere in the wide, wide world. Maybe because they’re so enormous, seems powerful or something. I don’t know.

For his birthday he received three pictures for his room (and he loved them)—the Vulcan (Birmingham, AL), the Statue of Liberty (NYC) and … the Jolly Green Giant (Blue Earth, Minnesota—and everywhere fine food is sold).

Again, I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning thinking about the Jolly Green Giant. And my mind starting spinning….

Here’s three ways we should all be more like the Jolly Green Giant:

1. He’s Jolly.
jol·ly [jol-ee]: in good spirits; merry; cheerfully festive or convivial; joyous; happy; delightful; and charming.

We were all designed by God to be jolly. It sounds strange, but we are happiest when we’re happy. It may go against your personality or your general disposition, but it doesn’t go against the scripture. God wants us to be “lights on a hill”, “salt of the earth”, “fishers of men” — people who impact others. However, no one is drawn to miserable, heavy, depressed people. Through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can all walk in complete, total “jolly-ness.” Isn’t that awesome!

Psalms 16:9 — “my heart is glad”

Psalms 90:14 — “we may rejoice and be glad all of our days”

Philippians 4:4 — “rejoice in the Lord always, again, I say rejoice”

2. He’s Green.
He’s unique, like no other, and secure in his “rather odd appearance”.

Did you know that Psalms 139:14 says that YOU are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” David goes on to say that God’s works are wonderful! That means you. You are wonderful—just the way you are: short, tall, curly hair, straight, skinny, obese, long nose, crooked teeth, big ears…and, yes, the list goes on.

My favorite people to be around (and yours too) are those that are secure in who they are. They’re not perfect, yet they are ok with who God made them to be.

Let’s decide today to be “green”; not earth friendly (although, that’s good too), but unique and secure … no matter how God put us together, even if we’re rather large, green, and wearing a very strange outfit.

3. He’s a giant
gi·ant [jahy-uhnt]: a person or thing of unusually great power, importance, etc.; major figure; legend

You don’t have to be 9 feet tall to be a giant. God has called all of us to become bigger than ourselves, to make a difference, to be one of importance, a major figure. This is one of the reasons He sent the Holy Spirit—to give us supernatural power, making His name great on the earth.

I challenge you today to think and pray WAY bigger than you have in the past. Make goals that are bigger than your lifetime. Meaning, when you die, they will live on.

Look at David—his son ended up building the Temple, the one he dreamed about.

Look at Moses—his sons and daughters entered the promised land, yet he never did.

Look at Darlene Zschech, James Dobson, Larry Burkett, Paul Baloche—all men and women of God that have built ministries that will outlive them for years to come. And ministries that don’t even bear their name.

I challenge you today: be jolly, be green, and be a giant!

Stan Sheridan has traveled and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. Currently, he oversees the Genesis School of Music & Worship Arts, in Birmingham, AL, as well as the Exodus Group, a coaching and mentoring program for worship pastors and leaders. For more information or booking information:

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