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The Table Podcast 002 – Doug Holck

The Table Podcast 002 – Doug Holck

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Join us for Episode 002 as Jason Squires sits down with veteran worship leader and pastor, Doug Holck. Doug was on staff for 46 years at People’s Church in Fresno, CA. Jason talks to him about self care and how it applies to longevity in ministry.

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  • I wish you would have talked to Doug about his ministry of 40 years, what he thinks of ministry now and where he sees it going in the future. He was a big choral and drama guy. He wrote and published many pieces for choir and orchestra as well as severa fulll musicals as well – something we don’t do anymore. He was also classically trained and I wonder what advice he would give to those of still in the ministry struggling with these issues where are training and experience are no longer required, valued or needed and what he has to say about the choir’s excommunication from the Church.

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