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We take feedback seriously.


We take feedback seriously. Thanks for taking the time to tell us what we're doing well and where we could be doing better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advertising opportunities do you have?

We’d love to share with you all about this! Please click here to get in contact with us.

When is the next event?

You can learn all about our upcoming events by clicking here.

How do I make changes to my registration?

You can make changes to your registration for any of our events by clicking here.

What is the refund policy for events?

We do not provide refunds for events once the sales for that event have started.

Can I share an article with WL Mag?

Yes! We’d love to read your article and potentially feature it in the magazine and/or blog post. Submit your article by clicking here. 

How do I share a song for Song Discovery?

We’d love to hear your song! Share your song by clicking here.

How do I make changes to my membership?

Make changes to your membership through your profile. Click here to access your profile.

How to cancel my account?

We’re sad to see you go! Click here to cancel membership.