Function: Custom IEM

: $1000

: Based in Orlando, FL, Clear Tune Monitors have one of the most diverse lineups of custom IEMs on the market. CT-6E sport 6 drivers per ear (1 high, 1 mid, 1 low mid, and dual low) and provide up to -26dB of noise isolation. Clear Tune has one of the biggest selections of shell color and faceplate and offer custom artwork for all their IEMs.

: Utilizing 6 individual drivers in each ear, CT-6E have great low-end power and upper midrange detail. The frequency response has a bump in the upper mids that give clarity and punch to midrange-heavy instruments, such as keyboards, guitar and male vocals. Engineered to bring every detail of the stage to your ears, CT-6Es are perfect for instrumentalists who want the extra detail that the midrange bump brings.

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