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Teaching A New Song To Your Congregation

How to boldly step out and help your congregation worship the first time you lead a new song.

Thoughts on using Charts and Music Stands in Worship

Is this discussion dividing hearts and minds in your ministry? Join the conversation.


On-Stage Team Communication While Leading Worship

Good stage communication pre-empts a multitude of mistakes. Here are some good practices.

4 Tips for Leading Without the Band

Sometimes there is nothing to hide behind; here are some tips to leading when you are going solo.

6 Ways to Improve Lyric Memorization

Following up on last week’s memorization article, here are specifics on how to improve memorization.

6 Reasons to Improve Song Lyric Memorization

Six reasons memorization will make you a better worship pastor.


Eight Ways to Avoid the Capo Prayer

Using a capo can be very effective in worship, but it can also cause us to throw out cheap song transitions. Here’s how to minimize the latter.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

A report from this past Greg Laurie’s Harvest America plus the worship leader setlists from Chris Tomlin and more.

How to Get Multiple Guitar Layers

Looking for more complex guitar sounds but only have one guitarist? Here are some thoughts on getting more with less.

The Art of Last-minute Set Changes

Although last-minute changes are not ideal, they are often necessary in a service of worship.

Embrace the Space

Does John Mayer’s theory of sonic space have a place in today’s services of worship?

Contagious Worship Music

Lessons learned from the Piano Guys on how to know if your congregational leadership is infectious.