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Continual Learning

Looking for a Job?

10 Tips to Getting Hired as a Worship Leader

Out With the New, in With the Old?

How do we preserve the universal language of common songs in a culture that seems to be obsessed with what is new?


The Rest Will Come

Feeling burned out? Here’s some encouragement for worn out worship leaders.

Awe, Aha, and Haha

The 3 types of moments that should happen in every worship gathering.

7 Characteristics of a Seasoned Worship Leader

Looking to get to the next level as a worship leader? Here are some personal qualities to work on.

Critic, Consumer, or Participant?

The 3 mindsets that can arise when problems occur, despite our best efforts.


Your Words Matter

Here are 3 places to be more intentional about the words you use from the platform and in your everyday life.

Becoming More Like the Jolly Green Giant

From the heart of a child, come 3 lessons for leaders as they seek to guide their congregations in worship.

When the Worship Leader Has No One to Lead

Are you called to lead worship but currently have no place to minister? Take this three-step course to begin leading, today. No matter where you are.  

In Defense of Fun

Why does leading worship sometimes leave us drained and defeated? Here are some thoughts on keeping worship excellent without canceling the enjoyment.

Most Popular Articles of 2015

From Jimmy Fallon to the Capo Prayer to selecting worship songs, take a look at the trends of last year as you move forward in your worship ministry.

Handling Criticism

When worship critics arise, how will you respond? Here are some biblically founded options.