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Graciously Giving and Receiving a “No”

Telling someone they are not right for the worship team is a challenge; here are some thoughts on the process.

Release the Poets!

10 tips to starting a worship arts mentoring group.


Playing for the Music

When our band’s musical taste gets in the way of the worship music.

Worship Leaders, You Have One Job

It is easy to get overwhelmed by our task lists, but here is a commission to get back to our “one job.”

Don’t Give Up

10 characteristics of a healthy, long-term worship leader.

Mentorship: You Are Worth It

Finding a great mentor is valuable and absolutely worth the effort.


Finding Timothys

Recruiting and training new members for your worship team.

Tips for Newbie Worship Leaders

Here are some of the lesser-known tips that will help new worship leaders get a deeper understanding of their role.

Listening to Volunteers

A lot of good comes out of obeying Scripture. For me, learning to listen to the wise has given me a whole new outlook on leadership.

The Call

Excellence in worship is important, but excellence in bringing up the next generation is something we must always make a priority.

Simmer Down

For many of us, nothing distracts like awesome displays of musical prowess. Hence, we need to be aware that our excellent musicianship has the very real potential of getting in the way of the corporate worship we endeavor to lead.

5 Steps to Discovering God’s Direction for Your Ministry

What is God asking of us, our ministry, and our church? Here is a guideline to help you discern the one voice that matters. More.