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Incarnational Worship

How to make our worship become a living, full-sensory, reality in the lives of our communities.

The Worship Swing-vote Principle, Part 2

More thoughts on leading the all-important 60 percent of your congregation: the undecideds.


The Worship Swing-vote Principle

How the undecideds in our worship services make the biggest difference in defining the dynamics of a worshiping congregation.

Conditional Worship

Do you or your congregation put conditions on what will get you to worship? Here are thoughts on how to offer God worship, not our conditions on when he deserves our praise.

The Psychology of Volume

Volume has a direct result in how engaged a congregation is in worship. So should we turn it up?

7 Action Steps Toward Church Participation in Worship

Wondering how to lead your church to worship together? Here are some lesser-known steps you can take.


Contagious Worship Music

Lessons learned from the Piano Guys on how to know if your congregational leadership is infectious.

The Many Tools of Engagement

6 ways, above using a worship band, to help your congregation engage in worship.

The Pure Joy of Teaching a Song

Why won’t your community sing that new song? It could be that you forgot to teach it.

Bongo Man

The importance of visual praise when leading people in worship.

Getting Your Church To Sing: Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few “do’s” and “don’ts” when looking to help your congregation find their voice.

Good Math

Your congregation might want to sing, but sometimes the math doesn't add up.