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Keep Your Congregation From Tuning Out

How one worship leader broke the pattern of monotony that may have been causing his congregation to “tune out.”

Getting Your Church to Sing: Worship Cheerleaders

Stop cheering yourself and start leading the cheers of your community.


A Case for Dynamic Worship: Forgiving

What happens during and/or after your service when a leader makes a mistake? Here are thoughts on how your answer affects congregational worship.

5 Lessons Jimmy Fallon Can Teach Worship Leaders

Jimmy Fallon makes a living encouraging people to engage with his guests every night, here are five things we can glean to become better worship leaders.

Getting Your Church To Sing: Knowing the Song

Part two in this series helping worship leaders guide their community towards opening their mouths in an offering of praise.

A Case for Dynamic Worship: Investment

Part 4 in this series on bringing dynamic worship to your church.


Getting Your Church to Sing

How to reach that group of people in your congregation that simply would rather not participate.

A Case for Dynamic Worship: Invitation

Do you struggle with a congregation that doesn’t participate in worship? Find out how your invitation might help them engage.

Engaging Worshippers in the Age of Information Overload

On creating a church culture of engagement in worship.

Is Your Crowd Loud or Proud?

4 tips on getting your congregation as proud of our great God as they are of their favorite football team.

5 Caricatures of a Worship Leader

Here are a few common worship leading mistakes and how to remedy them.

In Defense of Weird Keys and Two-Octave Worship Songs

Worship Leaders go to great lengths to ensure that songs are in singable keys for everyone, but is this necessary?