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Pastor Relations

Letter to My Senior Pastor

Things we might want to say to our preaching pastors to strengthen overall ministry.

Learn From My Mistakes

4 mistakes worship leaders tend to make and how to remedy them for a more vibrant ministry.


Help! My Pastor Is a Jerk!

9 biblical principles for handling a sensitive, sometimes painful, situation in your workplace

How Worship Leaders Can Serve Their Pastors

What your pastor really needs to succeed.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Worship Leader

Worship leaders are a unique blend of musical artistry and pastoral care. Here are suggestions of best showering them with gestures of love and encouragement.

Good Vibrations

Building Healthy Parternships between Lead Pastors and Worship Leaders


Senior Pastor Sync

Worship leaders are not islands. To be a truly effective minister of music, its time to get on the same page as your senior pastor.