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Small Church

Building a Team of Excellence in a Small Church

In depth suggestions on how to build quality with the team you have right now.

4 Tips for Leading Without the Band

Sometimes there is nothing to hide behind; here are some tips to leading when you are going solo.


What Do You Really Need to Lead?

Hint: It might be less than you think!

Serving in a Small Church

4 Essential Perspectives and Skill Sets for the Small Church Worship Leader

5 Myths That Frustrate Small Church Worship Leaders

Here are the 5 lies you hear (or tell yourself) about success as a worship leader at a small church.

5 Reasons Small Churches Have an Advantage

Breaking down how and why small church is a powerful and important ministry.


Of Hobbits and Wholeness

What The Lord of the Rings can teach us about ministering to and through a small church worship ministry.

3 Big Music Problems in Small Churches

Small churches need to move lovingly and boldly into music ministry that is vibrant, participatory, and meaningful. Here are 3 problems that often prevent that.