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3 Tips for Young Worship Leaders

3 Tips for Young Worship Leaders

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Starting out in worship ministry at a young age can be confusing. You’re just learning your instrument. You’re just learning what it means to lead people. And at the same time you see those leaders who have been leading for 15+ years and you wish you were instantly there. What should you do when you just begin leading worship?

1️⃣ Get as much experience as you can

There is no replacement for experience. Experience only comes from doing something over and over and over again. You can read about worship leading and watch training videos and listen to podcasts (all of which I recommend doing) but at the end of the day you need a chance to put what you learned into practice.

So look for as many opportunities to lead worship as possible: Sunday mornings at your church, youth group, small group, anywhere you have a chance. The number one asset you have when you’re young is time, so spend it well.

2️⃣ Learn from others (even when you think you know more)

The best way to learn is by building relationships with other people. Start a worship team with your friends. Ask the worship leader at your church as many questions as you can. Make friends with worship leaders from other churches. We can all learn from each other because we each carry a unique perspective.

3️⃣ Don’t rush it

Improving in any area takes time. So don’t rush it. Small steps over a long period of time = big sustainable progress. Don’t take shortcuts. Put in the work, think about things in the long term, and be faithful to the season you’re in.

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