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4 Ways to Produce Media Messages that Matter

4 Ways to Produce Media Messages that Matter

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Here are 4 Ways You Can Reach the Masses:

1. Digital Bible Study

We all have busy lives. So I use digital Bible studies often to work with my Bible students. There are many excellent and easy Bible studies guides that can be retrieved online. Depending on the spiritual maturity of the individual, you can find a study tailor-made to their particular needs. However, before sending a digital Bible study link out to a friend, make sure you have read it yourself. That way you are familiar with the contents if questions arise. This is a great way to involve friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors in your church at their convenience. Do the Bible study together and watch God work in both your lives

man in coffee shop2. On-Demand Worship Services and Podcasts

Most of our churches have live-streaming during the service. Many will archive services for on-demand viewing. Since we are always actively involved in worship leading, we may miss significant portions of the service. I find on-demand worship viewing is an excellent way of refilling my spiritual well with worship after church ends. View the services yourself and then share the links with your family and friends. Let them know key areas in the worship service that may be moving and impactful. Since most services tend to be over an hour long you may want to specify by time stamps area for them to watch. This is an excellent way to share the Gospel.

3. Prayer Requests through Email and Websites

So many people need prayer and will request it from you. We offer to pray for others but many times we just don’t actually do it. While society may be less likely to attend church, prayer still holds a prominent place in their hearts. Creating safe spaces on your social media or website for prayer requests and praise reports allows people to connect in a meaningful way. Research has shown that while Christians are becoming much less spiritual, prayer is still important. Barna states, “Prayer and Bible reading remains the most important and commonly practiced spiritual disciplines among practicing Christians. A growing anti-institutional sentiment coupled with a broader secularizing trend has caused an overall decline in church attendance among the general population.”2 Turn your prayers and praises into posts and watch the people of God unite in power.

4. Social Media – YouTube Channel, Facebook Page

Many people share that they are moved by certain aspects of a worship service. It may be the music, sermon, children’s story, video sequences, intercessory prayer etc. Each area of worship can be very impactful. Create YouTube channels or Facebook pages to upload various elements of your worship service that can affect others. You can also use social media to keep your members and neighbors informed about community service activities, concerts, mission trips, book clubs, movie nights, Bible study, cooking classes, exercise classes, and much more. Invite your friends to follow your church’s social media page and participate in events. Then see how God uses you and these activities to inspire with media message that attracts the masses to Jesus Christ.

We cannot remain inside the church to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must get out using technology with media messages that will attract and convince spiritual seekers in our community to join the family of God.

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