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“Como Dijiste” Worship Leader Christine D’Clario – People of Influence Forget Who They Are

“Como Dijiste” Worship Leader Christine D’Clario – People of Influence Forget Who They Are

Christine D'Clario

Christine D’Clario is a dedicated worship leader and she can consistently be found in her church, Gateway, studying the Word and leveling up her knowledge and love for the Father.

In this Worship Sound Bite, she uncovers what is on her heart and what is coming out in her songwriting. She focuses on identity in terms of who we are and who we are not as children of God. She also covers the eternal nature of the Kingdom of God and how easily we forget that our earth is temporary. But, the most intriguing topic she covers is focusing on those who have influence in our world, but quickly forget who they are and who God is.

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Right now I am writing about identity. Who we are, whose we are, why we are, and what we are not. We are children of God. That’s the center core of who we are. That is the one principle about us that will never change, not here on Earth, and whatever years we have on it, and not in eternity.

Wherever we end up, we are children of God. That is who we are. And today I’ve noticed, especially people of influence have the tendency of forgetting who they are, and they become what they do. Or what they have, or what they don’t have, or what’s been done to them or what’s not been done to them. And those things change. They’re- they’re bound to change. And in that changing- it happened during the pandemic. The index of pastoral suicide soared during the pandemic.

Why? Because to lots of pastors, their identity became the pulpit. And when the pulpit was stripped from them, that thing that added value to who they thought they were was no more. And they lost hope because they had placed their hope in what they thought they were but they really weren’t. So I’m very passionate about helping others understand what our identity is. We are children of God and we need to lead our lives according to that, that if we stop doing what we’re doing now, we would still be okay because as long as we’re in the center of the will of our Father, we’re going to be taken care of.

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