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Developing the Creative Habit

Developing the Creative Habit


Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine Vol 28 No 3

By Dr. Tanya Riches

To respond to the challenge of pastoring and leading the next generation in our churches globally, we need to be innovative. To reach the lost and lonely with the message of Jesus, we need to be creative. To create a brave new world we dream of living in, we need to be creative. 

But every creative struggles at times. They all need inspiration, encouragement, or direction at some point. To that end, Dr. Tanya Riches asked a member of Hillsong Church’s creative team, Gabe Kelly, (one of the most naturally creative people on earth!) to help us think these challenges through. Gabe is the campus worship pastor for the Hillsong’s Hills Campus in Sydney. His insights will help you to harness your creative force, even on the most uninspiring days. 

Throughout Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, we see that God…

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