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Five Ways A Worship Leader Can Be A Blessing To A Pastor

Five Ways A Worship Leader Can Be A Blessing To A Pastor

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Be one who has a personal passion to know Christ. One who lives a life of integrity on and off the stage. One who serves God and others with humility. Remember, humility is attribute number one for any worshiper. These things will build trust, which is the most important building block in any relationship.


Worship leaders are notorious, like most artists, for wanting to use people or institutions to further their own personal career. In our flesh we want to fight for the spotlight and, in an individual sort of way, make our big break. Pastors are looking for team players that are truly part of a community and want the team to win together. Throughout my ministry life, I have found that the more I have blessed the Church, the more God has blessed me.


A pastor is a leader, and one of the greatest ways to honor a leader is by demonstrating a teachable spirit. It’s kind of like a father and his child. If you want to make your Dad’s day, be eager to hear his counsel for your life. The other reason to be teachable is that the book of Proverbs says over and over again that you’re a fool if you don’t accept instruction.


Don’t ever make the pastor feel like a church problem is his or her problem— make it your problem as well. Try to see situations from their perspective. Be a problem solver not a problem causer.


Nothing is worse then putting your pastor in the position where they have to remind you that your getting paid, and you need to show up on time and get to work. Don’t ever make them feel that any chore is an inconvenience or beyond you. This is another great way to build trust in the relationship, and the more trust you acquire the more freedom you will receive.

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