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Leading Worship from Deep Places

Leading Worship from Deep Places

Skye Reedy


At 16 years old, I sat by the side of my mother’s hospice bed sharing one of our last nights together. I held her hand in the dark room as we watched the sun set. Another precious day with her had come to a close. The doctors had told us her time on this earth was ending. Any moment now she would step into heaven. 

I sat there, soaking up these sacred minutes with her. For years she had walked through sickness. Now she was passing on into the arms of Jesus. 

That last week of her life I spent my nights sitting by her bed, singing songs of praise over her. She would drift off peacefully to sleep as I sang. As I would worship, the presence of God would fill the room in the most tangible way I’ve ever experienced. A peace washed over us like a huge wave. Singing His praise was a gift to her and me.

I will lift my praise above everything to You, my God and King! I will continually bless Your name forever and always. -Psalm 145

I sang the promises of the Lord over her life and mine. Thanking God for the time we had shared together. Thanking God for her life. Lifting my voice in song as Jesus met the both of us there. With everything in me, I could sense the presence of Jesus all around us. 

As I grew up I would carry that memory in my heart. I didn’t know what those next years would hold and what the Lord had in store for my life. I got older and leading worship as a young girl turned into my life’s calling. I would go on to minister the love of God around the world.  Worshipping with people in far corners of the earth from my home in America. 


There are experiences in the presence of God that mark our hearts forever. Those are the moments of life, the deep places of worship, that God the father forges relationship with us.  We have seen it in the word, just like with Moses and the burning bush. 

When the Lord saw that he turned aside to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.” Then He said, “Do not come near here; remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” -Exodus 3: 4-5

When the Lord reveals himself to us in a powerful way our hearts are impacted and equipped to share that freedom we’ve been shown. We carry those deep moments of relationship with the Father into every room. Places He has taken us and walked beside us where we have seen His face. There are hungry souls waiting to catch a glimpse of His love, mercy, and freedom. 

We carry those deep moments of relationship with the father into every room. Places He has taken us and walked beside us where we have seen His face.

The Lord constantly reminds my heart of those deep places we’ve been together before I go to minister in worship. I’ve never forgotten how feeling the presence of Jesus brought me hope and peace in one of the most sacred times of life. There is nothing like His presence.


As a worship leader, walking in the authority of your relationship with God the father will transform the way you lead. He has taken you to deep places and wants others to experience the same breakthrough and healing that you have in His presence. My prayer for every service is that God will show His face to people the same way He met me those nights with my mother years ago.

Child of God, you are called and equipped to lead people into His presence. There are things that He has shown only to you and breakthroughs that He wants to share with the world through your heart. No other person, no other voice can give the offering of worship that you can. This earth needs your voice and testimonies of seeing God move in your life! Raise up your worship and watch the Lord move mightily in His love.  

Child of God, you are called and equipped to lead people into His presence.

Learn to step out and lead in faith. Start to believe for breakthrough as you worship. We worship a worthy God who is the perfect father. Most of all, may His peace surround you as you continue to invite Him into the deep places of your heart. 

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