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Meredith Andrews
  • Church leads culture. Not the other way around.

Whenever you sit down with @meredithandrewsmusic you are going to see her heart for God on display and you’re going to learn thanks to her immense wisdom and experience.

In this Worship Sound Bite, Meredith encourages the church to start leading culture instead of reacting to it. In recent years, she says, the Church “has in the last few years especially been afraid to stand for what is true, because we thought we had to be more tolerant or more loving.”

A Devotional Podcast with Meredith Andrews


I think in a lot of ways the, Big C, Church, which I’m a part of, has in the last few years especially been afraid to, stand for what is true because we thought we had to be more tolerant or more loving.

But, you know, when you look at the culture in the way that it is today, we as the church are meant to be at the forefront of, changing culture, affecting culture.

But I think that we haven’t realized our authority. I don’t think we’ve realized the mandate on our lives to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And I think that maybe we’ve taken more of a passive position maybe we just aren’t as quick to speak the truth in love. Because when I, when I look at somebody’s life who they’re stuck in a place of sin or depression or whatever it may be, I just want to go.

God has better for you. It’s not a judgment on your life. It’s love says I love you too much to leave you where I found you. Right? So as the church, we have to get better at speaking the truth to people. But it’s not a judgment on them. It’s not a condemnation or an accusation. It is. You don’t see this yet, but God has so much for you.

God has so much better in store for you, no eye has seen, no ear has heard what God has in store for those who love him. If you will just surrender your life to him. This isn’t just fire insurance. This is actually abundant life that God is inviting you into. So if we, as the church could recognize, like we get to be the light of the world, we get to be the salt of the earth, we get to pull heaven down to earth and see things begin to change.

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