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Once More, From the Top – The Importance of Rehearsal

Once More, From the Top – The Importance of Rehearsal

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Last year, I heard the legendary quarterback Brett Favre say something quite profound for a football player—no offense to any football players. I’m paraphrasing, but he said that players should consider themselves playing for free on Sundays. They should play for the fun of it on Sunday because they love the game. Then Favre said that he was paid to practice—that practicing was the work. Sunday was for fun, practicing is what you get paid for.

Are you getting the parallels? Those of us who serve in worship ministries should do Sundays for the fun of it. Sun- days can be tiring, but Sundays are the reward for the work we’ve done. You see, practicing and rehearsing are the hard work. Now would be a good place to shout an “Amen!”

Mindful that practice/rehearsal is where the hard work happens, here are a few tips to best prepare you for Sunday’s game.


Remember it’s a rehearsal—so re- hearse. Pray, but don’t make your rehears- al a prayer meeting. Visit, but don’t make your rehearsal a fellowship. Rehearse.


If you’re going to rehearse five songs, spend an appropriate amount of time on each song. You may have to let some things slide in order to get through all you need to rehearse. You don’t want to have one well-prepared song and four that will fall apart.


Schedule technical support for your rehearsal. If at all possible, have the sound person rehearse with you. Three benefits here: You won’t get bogged down with technical things Sunday morning, the sound person is able to learn the songs and receive direction along with the band, and the sound person will feel, and be, more a part of the team.


Rehearse your singers and band separately. Rehearse them together before your service if possible.


Let your team know where in the song you may be more spontaneous. Practice lingering and flowing in your rehearsal. Your team will be less threatened by spontaneity when it does happen in a service if you’ve practiced spontaneity in a rehearsal.

Practice hard and have a blast helping others worship.

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