Reframe Your Perspective on Business and Worship

Aaron Sanders

Are you ready to transform your ministry and deepen your understanding of worship? The Worship Leader Institute offers a unique opportunity to explore the profound connection between work, worship, and service through the lens of business. Inspired by a recent talk from Aaron Sanders, Chief Operating Officer of Avoda Holdings, this institute invites you to embrace a new paradigm where business is viewed not as an adversary but as an ally and a form of worship.

Reframe Your Perspective on Business and Worship

Aaron Sanders challenges the traditional perception that business compromises artistic integrity for financial gain. By diving into the biblical roots of work, worship, and service, Sanders introduces the Hebrew word “Avoda,” which encapsulates the unity of these three concepts. In Genesis, “Avoda” signifies work when God commands Adam to tend the Garden, worship when Abraham speaks of going to the mountain with Isaac, and service in Joshua’s declaration to serve the Lord. This illustrates that work, worship, and service are intrinsically linked in God’s design.

Discover Historical Inspirations

Learn from historical examples that showcase the potential of business to serve a higher spiritual purpose. William Tyndale, despite rejection from the Church of England, persisted in translating the Bible into English with support from Humphrey Monmouth, a wealthy merchant. Similarly, John Newton, writer of “Amazing Grace,” benefited from the support of John Thornton, a landowner whose financial backing enabled Newton’s ministry. These partnerships demonstrate how business can accelerate the spread of the Gospel.

Embrace Modern Implications and Take Action

Embrace a holistic view where business activities are seen as expressions of worship. This perspective transforms how we understand and engage with kingdom work, making it inclusive of the 97% who work outside traditional ministry roles. By fostering partnerships between creatives and business leaders, we can harness collective resources and passion to advance the kingdom of God more effectively.

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Watch Aaron Sanders’ workshop on “Business and the Creative Arts” for free and explore how business can be a redemptive, community-building force. This workshop will guide you to see every endeavor, whether artistic or commercial, as an opportunity to serve and glorify God.

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