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Russell Evans – Getting the ‘Naughties’ Out of Gen Z

Russell Evans – Getting the ‘Naughties’ Out of Gen Z

Russell Evans
Russell Evans - Generation Z advice for leaders in the church

Matthew 5:8 says,

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

There are so many great nuggets in today’s Worship Sound Bite from Pastor Russell Evans of Planetshakers. As a leader whose ministry has reached so many young people, Pastor Russell gives advice that will help the Church reach Gen Z. It all starts with ensuring those hearing the Word of God have nothing in their heart that’s choking out the truth.

“Get the naughties out” is a funny turn of phrase, but at the heart of this sound bite is amazing advice and the key to creating fertile ground so that the seed sown will grow deep roots and not be hindered by past sin and trauma.

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This Worship Sound Bite is from Planetshakers worship leader Joth Hunt.


So how do I get Gen Z to be a worshiper? I get rid of the things that are in their heart, whether it’s fame, whether it’s insecurity, whether it’s fear, whether it’s I’m not good enough or whether it’s I think I’m better than everyone else, and you get rid of those seeds. You get. Come on. My my wife used to say to my children and how I say it, sometimes people don’t understand my pronunciation.

Get the naughties out of your heart, the naughties for the American audience. So in other words, don’t let little seeds grow in your heart that become little plants, that become a tree. And then the tree drops its seeds. So how do I get a Gen Z to become pure in heart? Because the Bible says a pure and heart will see God.

So how do I do that? I let- I look at things. I ask the Holy Spirit, how do I deal with this person? Because sometimes we’ve go- we’ve reacted to people in a way that we think everyone should be dealt with, but not everybody is the same. So you’ve got to find the key for that person and go, okay, let’s get rid of that out of our hearts.

Let’s deal with the heart issues.

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