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The Beauty Found in Yielding

The Beauty Found in Yielding

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by Nicole C. Mullen

When you search the scriptures, worship always involves sacrifice. It’s being prostrate. It’s laying down our will. It’s yielding. So I believe that the beauty of worship is the sacrifice that’s brought up to the table. Many times people might think of it as a style of music, but it’s not.

We sometimes think of worship as being slow songs and praise being the fast ones. But nowhere in Scripture do you see worship as only a place of solace. Worship can put us into a condition to yield our self to the Lord. But music in and of itself, no matter what genre or tempo, is worship. It can be used for worship. It is a tool to help you bend, and bow your heart and your knee.

We need not confuse it. Sometimes we associate the good feeling that we get from music as actual worship. But worship can be painful. Worship is sometimes a scraping of the knee, a bowing of the head, and the bowing of the body. It’s a position of the heart. Worship is a lifestyle. It’s not a genre of music. It’s not a language. It is a language of the heart. David said in the Old Testament that he would not give God anything that would cost nothing. So if there is no sacrifice from us, we need to reexamine and ask ourselves this question, ”Is this really worship”? Real worship is down in the heart. It’s an attitude, it’s a position.

Without faith, there is no real worship. Sometimes worship doesn’t have to be accompanied by a song. When we’re really worshiping together, we are loving each other. It’s the fulfillment of the commandment to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, mind and strength. When we’re truly worshiping, we’re yielded to God. And when we’re yielded to Him, then He can flow through us to love on other people. We can love our neighbors as ourselves.

Jesus said, “The time is coming when it won’t be here or there..” (or basically this style of music or that style of music). The Father is looking for those to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. That’s the Spirit and the essence of who God really is. And the truth of who He is, along with the truth of who we are. My new project, “Like Never Before” is infused with the truth of who God is and the truth of who I am. It’s the truth of where I’ve been. It’s my story. Unless we begin to take off the mask of our pretended perfection, we can’t really worship in truth because we are under the guise of a façade. I have been betrayed. I have been dropped. At the same time, I’m called to give, I may not have done the same deeds, but I’ve needed the same forgiveness.

At the end of the day it’s Christ who is the Champion. You know, it’s He who is the great One and the faithful One. He is our Shield and our Redeemer.

And that’s the beauty of worship.


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