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The Power of Unified Pastors and Worship Leaders

The Power of Unified Pastors and Worship Leaders

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Webinar Taught By John Chisum

Ever feel like you and your pastor live on two different planets? Do you wonder why he reacts the way he does when you talk to him about worship or try to introduce something creative and fresh in the service? Have you ever wanted to run screaming from the room when your pastor starts talking about theology or about his new 12-part sermon series on the eschatological inferences of the Urim and Thummim? Now there’s hope! In Worship Leader’s webinar The Power of Unified Pastors and Worship Leaders, worship leader and teacher John Chisum will help you discover effective ways to connect with your pastor, to speak his language, and to realize the power of God’s Spirit flowing through you in the kind of unity God desires for you, your pastor, and for your church. Through this webinar you will be able to understand better how your pastor thinks, what his goals and dreams are, and how to thrive in your relationship with him as you build together on your unique gifts and callings to lead the body of Christ.

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