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The Role of Creativity and Imagination in Worship

The Role of Creativity and Imagination in Worship

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One aspect of creativity is the heart’s deep affinity with story and image. When a story is offered up via a profound rendering of truth and/or beauty, our response, whether emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual can potentially be formed into faithfulness. Rather than engendering mere excitement or encouragement, these creative encounters reclaim our fallen imaginations.

Creativity in this setting is less about innovation and clever presentations, and more about entering in. Worship leadership is at its best when the “entering in” and “welcoming” provide formation and create community. This means that our worship is less about being stirred up and more about a profound re-ordering of our very being. Creativity in this setting becomes a re-imagining that enlivens the Gospel story we often think we fully know, into something far more expansive and breathtaking. As Zac Hicks has insightfully noted, “… the worship leader possesses the tools–is even called by God–to be a graciously invited agent in the process of God’s reclamation of our fallen imaginations.”

How do we accept that invitation and become agents of transformation? How do we resonate with what God is doing, inhabit Biblical imagination, and both receive and fuel the kind of creativity that has substance and reality? How can we be fully present, and yet not in the way? How can we serve as apprentices to Creator God: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit?

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