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The Top 5 Myths of the Worship Service

The Top 5 Myths of the Worship Service

Editorial Team

1. You must not perform. Otherwise it’s a concert.

Technically a worship team performs every time they play for people. The way that you perform will elicit a response from those watching. You are also performing for God. How excellent would you strive to be if you were performing for the President of the United States? God deserves much more than any human figure.

2. The overall worship experience of the leader is the same as the people in the congregation.

One of the ways that a worship leader should be worshiping God is by being a skilled leader. It is similar to the idea that the host of a party has a different experience from someone attending. Always be aware of your guests’ needs, and the experience they are having in the worship journey.

3. Church is not entertainment.

To entertain is to hold the attention of someone. Church is certainly more than mere entertainment, but any person trying to get any other person’s attention must entertain. God added music to delight, which is in effect the biblical equivalent to entertainment.

4. Any noise is a joyful noise.

From the stage, this can be a distraction. Anything that draws attention away from God can become an idol. This doesn’t mean that God will smite us if we hit a wrong note, but we should rehearse and strive to become as transparent as possible from the platform.

5. Sound check is a rehearsal.

The sound check is not where you decide the songs or choose to rehearse them. It is a time to check the sound that you have already rehearsed. The proper use of a sound check makes the term “sound check” make much more sense.

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