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Through the Changing Face of How Churches Worship

Through the Changing Face of How Churches Worship

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As a whole, most of us do not like change and that also includes the church. But because of Covid-19, churches have had to change to adapt to this pandemic. Through the use of technology (youtube, streaming, podcast, etc.), the church is now able to spread the message of Jesus Christ through technology to those outside of their congregation. 

Now that we have realized that the use of modern technology can be used to provide church services, we need to consider how technology can also enhance our worship services. 

There is no denying that our culture today is dominated by images in our everyday life. And like the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Because images are part of our everyday life and they can convey a message better than words, we need to explore more possible ways to affect a person’s understanding of the gospel and God’s love through how we worship.

One of the ways to present a more effective worship service, is to consider using more visualization. By using the visual arts alongside our worship songs, we are able to connect the message of the song more effectively. The use of the visual arts with a worship song is often referred to as “Visual Worship”

I saw this explanation of visual worship on the internet and I think it sums it up beautifully “Visual worship is not about what your eyes see, it is about how our mind and heart and spirit connect with and respond to God through those things our eyes see.” had this to say about visual worship “Christian worship is an inherently visual event. Both the setting and the actions of worship need to be seen as well as heard. Contemporary North American culture is becoming image dominated. Television, film, photography, advertising, and computerized graphics are shifting the balance of communicative power between word and image. Visual arts in worship are an important means of communication with God for artist and participant, drawing worshipers into the story of faith in affective and spiritual ways.”

Because of my belief that visual worship is a wonderful way to spread the gospel and it can spiritually transform a person’s life, I created a website called . On my website I use carefully crafted images and videos along with worship songs to bring the essence of the song’s message to life. 

If you think your church could benefit from the use of visual worship, please visit

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