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Understanding the Creative Process

Understanding the Creative Process

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By R.J. Dyson

Years ago I stumbled across a book on the writing habits of authors. That discovery unlocked a number of mysteries that eluded me in the creative process. While not a particularly spiritual book, it connected some key dots regarding values, schedule and faith-filled creative pursuits. Since then I’ve come to recognize four areas of impact that, now as a life coach for creatives, help others wrestling with some of the same mysteries.

Is it possible to schedule creativity into my weekly rhythm? If I schedule my creative pursuits, could I actually sit down and create within that window? Does the Holy Spirit really foster inspiration on my time and at my studio?

Well, for most of us the answer is, “Yes.” Period. Intentionally creating set-apart space for the Creator to work through is both a humble position of receipt, as well as a bold act of worship. That said, it often takes some seriously playful discovery time, personal motivation and prayer as each one of us wind through these four areas to create a creative habit.

Let’s start with our environment. Our surroundings play a huge role not only in the meaning, message and muse of our creativity, but in our ability to create. KEEP READING

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