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When the Worship Leader Has No One to Lead

When the Worship Leader Has No One to Lead

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You’re prayed up, trained, equipped and anointed. You’ve led worship and taken people to the very “Throne Room of God.” You have watched lives change through the presence of God and seen scores of hearts melt by the power of the Holy Spirit. You were made for this. You were designed to lead. You are not just called but you are chosen. Yet somehow, for some unknown reason, you are not leading. You are simply standing, waiting on God.

So what now? Everything you’ve trained for, everything you’ve dreamed of, all of your past victories in worship, they mean nothing because you are stagnant, or so it seems. What does the leader do when they don’t have anyone to lead?

First of all, don’t beat yourself up! You didn’t have a moral failure, you didn’t steal from the church, you didn’t preach false doctrine, you’re just in a holding pattern. Unfortunately, this can be one of the most difficult places to be for someone who is designed to lead. Let’s face it, leaders are used to being in charge! We have grown accustomed to steering the ship in the direction we see God leading us. This is quite possibly the greatest challenge we face during the waiting process.

  1. Taming the inner control freak!
    Fear not, it can be done, not without crucifying the flesh but then again, shouldn’t we be doing that every day? However uncomfortable this moment in time may be, we must remember… it is just a moment in time. God is not done with you. He has not put you on the shelf to be a trophy to remember the past. He has not put you out to pasture – the fatted calf left to just graze on memories. No, God has given you a gift, a season of refueling, recharging and rejuvenation. Take it, seize it, and relish it!As a leader, how often have we felt empty—lacking anything to give? At one time or another, we have all felt this way in ministry. As a vessel that God uses, it is imperative that we are able to fill up in order to pour out. We have all had the thought, “If I could just have some time for me God, time to refill what You want me to dispense.” This is your chance! Get as much of God as you can. Saturate yourself in His presence. Allow God to give you fresh revelation of His Word. Renew yourself daily and ask your Father to show Himself to you in a new and unique way. He has been longing to spend time with you.
  1. Learn to serve again.
    This can be so hard for true leaders. We all want people to serve in our ministry. We want selfless people who only want to see The Kingdom enlarged and aren’t interested in seeing their kingdom enlarged. We desire servants, who see the vision, catch the vision and run with the vision.But, we as leaders will never be blessed more than when we are serving in someone else’s ministry. While you are waiting, look for ways of selflessly giving of your talents and helping someone else fulfill their destiny. When you are willing to work in someone else’s garden you are also sowing seed and preparing for the harvest in your own. Serve without reservation. You are there to be a servant to your leader and the Kingdom. There is no greater honor.
  1. Find someone to pour into.
    A genuine leader is always looking for a lump of clay they can help mold into a masterpiece. God needs leaders who are willing to take their experiences, their anointing and their war wounds and teach the younger generation how to fight the effective fight. Be willing to be transparent. None of us are perfect, and neither has our journey in ministry been without difficulties and failures. Be eager to share the bumps and bruises with the intention of protecting others from the pitfalls that you have fallen into along the way.Mentoring is such a vital part of being a leader. The Bible shows us example after example of Godly mentoring. Elijah and Elisha, Naomi and Ruth, Moses and Joshua and Paul and Timothy all show us the importance of nurturing a relationship with someone, drawing out the Godly potential and watching them soar to the level God has designed for them.

Just like a sweet wine, we will produce our sweetest gift when we are pressed. A pressing that will purge us, purify us and empower us. A season of waiting is not really waiting. It is just another level of preparation for the great things God has in store for you. Don’t waste your wait.

Cassine Puckett is a graduate of Victory Bible Institute’s School of Worship and, as a singer and songwriter, has been leading worship for over 15 years. She has been a speaker at various worship conferences. Cassine’s heart is to raise up leaders and see them walk in their God given potential and anointing. Contact: [email protected]

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