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Wonder in Worship

Wonder in Worship

Editorial Team

Growing up is beautiful and is a regular part of any life. I am stating the obvious by saying that there are big changes that happen between childhood and adulthood. A couple of weeks ago I was a part of adult worship on stage, and I saw a group of kids from my worship team run to the altar during the service. I watched as from the first song of worship, the kids began pouring their hearts out to God in a pure and passionate pursuit of the Father. These kids were the only ones at the altar and were worshiping like no one was watching. As I usually do, I began to cry. I did this partly because I felt like a proud big brother, and partly because God was speaking in the moment. It wasn’t that the kids were worshiping “harder” than the adults, but God spoke a word to me during all of this that explained what was happening. That word is “wonder”.

In exploring the concept of “wonder,” I thought of Mary Magdalene from the Bible. Her character displayed almost perfectly depicts pure awe, passion, and wonder for the person of Jesus. John 12:3 says, “Mary took a pint of an expensive perfume and poured it on Jesus’ feet…the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.” Almost every time that Mary is mentioned in the Bible, she seems to always be at the feet of Jesus. Mary being at the feet of Jesus exposes her heart’s awe and wonder for Him. In the scripture, she pours an expensive perfume on His feet and the whole room is filled with that fragrance. I submit to you the truth that when we are filled with wonder and awe of Jesus, our hearts will overflow to release a pure fragrance of worship that not only reaches Jesus, but consumes our lives and the world around us. When we are consumed with wonder of the Father, others will want to be too. Private encounters with God will overflow into public outbreaks of His presence.

This has been an amazing season of my life, and God has been doing extraordinary things. I desire to try my best to keep the same wonder for God in every season. The cry of my heart is that no matter how much God blesses me or doesn’t bless me in this life, I never want there to be a day that goes by where I am not driven to my knees, gazing at His face, and lavishly pouring my love and worship on Him while being filled with wonder. I heard it said that “We don’t worship God to get anything, but when we worship Him we get everything”. God absolutely loves when we sit at His feet and pour our worship on Him whether He has blessed us or not. When we increase the capacity of our minds by believing that God is endless and there are new things to experience with Him every day, then we open the door of our hearts to the wonder of Him.

I hope you understand my heart in this. To sum it all up, my main focus is that there is always more of God to experience. I believe the key to all of this is to have childlike wonder. May we never lose our wonder. May we never lose our awe. Let us be a people in history that exposes the heart of God to the world in ways that have not yet be done. Let us press in. Let us pursue this God who has no end, no limits, and endless wonder.

Tanner was born and raised in Central Texas. In 2012 at age 17 he released his first EP entitled “Falling”. He continues to lead worship at his home church in Killeen, Texas. Tanner has a deep passion for the presence of God, and has a heart to train, equip, and mentor the next generation.

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