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Worship Lifts Us Up and Out by Jon Egan

Worship Lifts Us Up and Out by Jon Egan

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When we worship, the King shows up. And when the King shows up, the Kingdom shows up with Him. The Kingdom of God is the place where Jesus fully reigns. It’s where the back of injustice is broken, and the mouth of the liar is silenced. It’s the place of peace and everlasting joy, where all tears are wiped away. It’s racing at us, and we can encounter it now. When we worship, we are lifted up from our current realities to behold and declare Jesus, the greatest of all truths.

But there’s more.

Once lifted up in worship, we can only then be lifted out and thrust into the world as carriers of the Kingdom of God. When we truly worship, we catch the heart of God and become full of mission. We see how far and wide His heart reaches for all those He loves. We see his care for the forgotten, broken, and less fortunate, and for the rich and those who seem to have it all.

To touch the heart of God is to touch what He longs for, and He longs for justice to roll like a river. It says in the Book of Amos that God is disgusted by our ego music, slogans, and campaigns. He wants true worship to HIM because He knows it will turn us into carriers of the hope of Jesus’ Kingdom.

His Kingdom is the reality we tap into when we worship. It far exceeds songs, production, performance, and musicianship. It becomes an act of wildness and even foolishness.

Think about it!

It’s an act of wildness to stand in the dark and declare the light, to stand in our genuine brokenness and sing about life and healing. When we need peace, we don’t sing about our lack of peace. We sing to the Prince of Peace. When we need freedom, we don’t declare how caught up in chains we are. We announce that our God has purchased our freedom at the Cross! We are a broken people who walk with a limp, so we worship our God of wholeness who makes us run with joy.

It’s wild and cannot and should not be tamed.

We must sing and sing strong.

We sing for our lives and realize it doesn’t end there.

We sing for the lives of all around us. From prison, Paul and Silas sang to the Lord.  Their singing shook the prison doors open and loosened every chain. That was not merely for their own freedom. The lead jailer received salvation.

In the same way, our worship can swing doors wide open and break chain after chain. Unbound, we too are not only free–we are saved.

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