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The Resilient Worship Leader

The Resilient Worship Leader

Zac Hicks

In this leadership and pastoral growth class on the Worship Leader Institute, Zac Hicks leads us through Psalm 78 to help us understand the shape of the Gospel and its impact on our life and ministry.

This class on understanding the foundation of our ministry is presented by Zac Hicks, (D.Min., Knox Theological Seminary; M.Div., Denver Seminary; B.A., Biola University). He has been pastoring and leading worship for over two decades in churches all across the US—Hawaii, California, Colorado, Florida, and most recently Alabama. He is the author of The Worship Pastor (Zondervan, 2016) and Worship By Faith Alone (IVP Academic, forthcoming). A songwriter and producer, Zac’s music is streaming everywhere. Zac’s passions include the intersection of old and new in worship, the pastoral dimensions of worship leading, and recovering the gospel-centered theology of the Reformation for the sake of worship renewal.

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