Volume 29|Number 2 – Connecting Mission and Worship

Title: Connecting Mission and Worship

About: Our March/April issue is all about the inextricable connection of worship and mission. We cannot separate our worship from what Jesus embodied and how He lives through us. Worship without mission cannot truly be called worship.

Details: March/April 2020 – Volume 29 | Issue #2

Table of Contents:

  • Gathered to be Sent by Nancy Nethercott
  • Now is the Time to Worship by Patrick Butler
  • Worship as a Way of Life by Jeff Bjorck
  • Back to Basics by Dr. Chuck Fromm with Andrea Hunter
  • Multicultural Worship by Nikki Lerner
  • Missional Worship by Tanya Riches
  • Table Talk by Brendan Prout
  • Team Dynamics by Rich Kirkpatrick 
  • Higher Learning Guide
  • Song Discovery – 2020 Selections by Greg LaFollette
  • The Lost + Missing Prayers by Josh Lavendar
  • Songwriting Masterclass with Matt Redman
  • Technically Speaking with Kent Morris
  • Gear Review by Editorial Staff
  • Letters with Love by Darlene Zschech 

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