Volume 29|Number 3 – Worship Reformation

Title: Worship Reformation: The Sound of Spiritual Awakening

Details: May/June 2020 – Volume 29 | Issue #3

Table of Contents:

  • Releasing the Poets by William Dyrness
  • Theologians + Theorists: Re-forming Worship in God’s Image
  • Cultivating Service vs. Celebrity, Calling vs. Promotion by Meredith Andrews
  • Foretasting the Future by Glenn Packiam
  • Painting in Full Spectrum by Mike Tapper, Britt Terry, Jacob Clapp
  • Back to Basics by Dr. Chuck Fromm with Andrea Hunter
  • More Than Music by Reggie Kidd
  • The Lost + Missing Prayers by Andrea Hunter
  • Table Talk by Brendan Prout
  • Songwriting Masterclass with Matt Redman
  • Song Discovery – 2020 Selections
  • Technically Speaking with Kent Morris
  • Letters with Love by Darlene Zschech

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