WL Songs to Discover or Rediscover in the New Year



 From 2010 beginning to 2020 end in alphabetical order.

  1. Come to the Altar
  2. I Can Only Imagine
  3. Oceans
  4. Reckless Love
  5. 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
  6. The Blessing
  7. This Is Amazing Grace
  8. Way Maker
  9. What A Beautiful Name
  10. Who You Say I Am
  11. You Say

* We crunched every Christian decade list, chart, and tally we could find, and included streams, sales, church use and factored in the past year.  


WL asked some of our friends, artists, authors, theologians and worship leaders to share personal/team favorites most sung this year. Many of the songs were written and released in the last year or two, yet others were birthed centuries ago. They are songs that ignite worship in communities even when the only way possible to gather is via Zoom. This composite list has come from those who lead worship, write worship, and many beloved speakers from our NWLC conferences. The list demonstrates that we as a body are engaged in and delighted to sing songs in an array of styles, with myriad focus points: vertical, horizontal, devotional, reflective, and introspective (the latter being the least healthy). The material is as diverse as the multitude of writers across time that midwifed them. The weavers of our tapestry of worship are associated with many churches around the globe. We hope you recognize your favorite sung prayers here and also discover new possibilities.


Worship outreach director at the World Christian Alliance and One Big Church, Grovetown, GA

All My Tears

Julie Miller

Do It Again

Chris Brown, Matt Brock, Matt Redman, Steven Furtick

Goodness of God

Ben Fielding, Brian Johnson, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Jenn Johnson

New Wine

Brooke Ligertwood

Who You Say I Am

Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan

Bruce Benedict

Songwriter, Liturgy.com founder, Chaplain of Worship Arts Hope College Campus Ministries Holland, MI.

Justice Will Roll Down

Sandra McCracken 

Nothing to Fear

Audrey Assad, Isaac Wardell, Paul Zach 

Not In a Hurry

Michael Ketterer, Will Reagan 

Peace Be Still

Andrew Holt, Hope Darst, Mia Fieldes 

Highlands (Song of Ascent)

Benjamin Hastings, Joel Houston

Holland Davis

Songwriter, artist, pastor, San Clemente Calvary, CA.

I’m Standing (In Perfect Love)

Holland Davis 

No One in This World Like Jesus

Holland Davis 

Stand in Your Love

Ethan Hulse, Mark Harris, Josh Baldwin, Rita Springer 

Warrior King

Holland Davis, Mark McCoy and Rick Harchol 

Hallelujah Jesus

Ed Cash, Evan Wickham 

Kalton Smith

Songwriter, Worship Pastor, Fountain Springs multisite Church, Rapid City SD.

God of Revival

Brian Johnson, Phil Wickham

We Praise You

Brandon Lake, Brian Johnson, Matt Redman, Phil Wickham


Aaron Moses, Dante Bowe, Joe L. Barnes, Keila Alvarado, Lemuel Marin, Phillip Carrington Gaines

Lift You High

Dante Bowe, Jonathan Jay, Kirby Kaple, Matt Armstrong

Lean Back

Amanda Cook, Chris McClarney, Nate Moore, Tony Brown

Jennie Lee Riddle

Passionate songwriter, keynote speaker, mentor, team trainer and worship servant, La Porte, IN.

Oh Lord You’re Beautiful

Keith Green


Mary Grace Batson, Melanie Tierce, Wesley Nilson

It Was Done for Christ

Jennie Lee Riddle, Kaden Slay, Melanie Tierce, Ryan Kennedy

Hell or High Water

People & Songs

Goodness of God

Ben Fielding, Brian Johnson, Ed Cash,

Jason Ingram, Jenn Johnson

Steven Brooks

Author, scholar, songwriter, associate pastor, Calvary Baptist, La Mirada, CA.

His Mercy Is More

Matt Boswell, Matt Papa 

I Am Not Alone (Psalm 23)

Joshua Sherman, Laurel Taylor, Steven Musso,

The Emerging Sound 

O Praise the Name (Anastasis)

Dean Ussher, Marty Sampson, Benjamin Hastings 

Sing We the Song of Emmanuel

Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Stuart Townend 

Way Maker 

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu 

David Lamus

Worship artist, writer, worship pastor Iglesia Cristiana Vida Nueva Columbus, OH.

Dios Imparable

Daniel Pena 

The Stand

Joel Houston

No Longer Slaves

Spanish version: “Ya No Soy Esclavo” 

Brian Johnson, Christine D’Clario, Joel Case,

Jonathan David HelserI 

Speak Jesus 

Abby Benton, Carlene Prince, Dustin Smith, Jesse Reeves, Kristen Dutton, Raina Pratt

You always Provide

Spanish version: “Tu siempre proveerás”

Ian M. DeHaas, Josh Lavender, Taylor Wilding

Ron Sutler

Worship leader, songwriter, Wells Wesleyan Church, Wells NY.

What a Beautiful Name

Brooke Ligertwood 

We Believe

Matthew Hooper, Richie Fike, Travis Ryan

Holy Spirit

Bryan Torwalt, Katie Torwalt

Great I Am

Jared Anderson


Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin,

Reuben Morgan, William Batchelder Bradbury

Ryan Kennedy

Author, playwright, artist, songwriter, worship leader, Houston, TX.

All Hail King Jesus

Jeremy Riddle, Peter Mattis, Ran Jackson, Steffany Gretzinger

Goodness of God

Ben Fielding, Brian Johnson, Ed Cash,

Jason Ingram, Jenn Johnson

Awake My Soul

Brooke Ligertwood

Way Maker

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu

Worthy of It All

David Brymer

Evan & Sandy Wickham

Evan is a worship leader, artist, writer and Sandy is his beloved wife, San Diego, CA.

Here Again

Amy Corbett, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick

Prayers of the People

Ben Kilgore, David Gungor, Evan Wickham, Ian Cron, John Arndt

Way Maker

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu

Fall Afresh

Jeremy Riddle


Thomas Ken (original from 1692, many updated versions available)

Josh Lavender

Founder of Wesleyan Worship Project, artist, songwriter, worship pastor Trinity Church, Indianapolis, IN.


Brian Johnson, Cory Asbury, Ethan Hulse,

Lee Cummings, Phil Wickham

Way Maker 

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu 

You Always Provide

Ian M. DeHaas, Josh Lavender, Taylor Wilding

O Praise the Name (Anastasis)

Benjamin Hastings, Dean Ussher, Marty Sampson

This We Know

Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill

Crystal Yates

Artist, singer-songwriter and worship leader. Dallas, TX

King of Kings 

Brooke Ligertwood, Jason Ingram, Scott Ligertwood

Graves into Gardens

Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Tiffany Hammer

Build My Life 

Brett Younker, Karl Martin, Kirby Kaple,

Matt Redman, Pat Barrett

Raise a Hallelujah

Jake Stevens, Jonathan David Helser,

Melissa Helser, Molly Skaggs

Way Maker

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu

Charity Gayle

Artist, singer-songwriter, worship leader

I Speak Jesus

Abby Benton, Carlene Prince, Dustin Smith, Jesse Reeves, Kristen Dutton, Raina Pratt

Throne Room Song

May Angeles, Ryan Kennedy, Steven Musso, The Emerging Sound

Not Afraid

Adaeze Noelle Azubuike, David Anderson, Mia Fieldes, Travis Ryan

Nothing but the Blood

Robert Lowry

My life Is in Your Hands

Kirk Franklin

Tim Hughes

British worship leader, singer, songwriter, and Anglican priest. Formerly the director of worship at Holy Trinity Brompton, UK.

By the Grace of God 

Brian Johnson, Kristene DiMarco, Martin Smith, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes

Surrounded (Fight My Battles)

Elyssa Smith

Praise the Lord (Evermore)

Anna Hellebronth, Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert


Andres Figueroa, Hank Bentley, Mariah McManus, Mia Fieldes

Cast Your Cares

Isaac Borquaye, Jimmy James, Matt Redman, Nick Herbert

Laura Story

Singer-songwriter, author, worship Leader and worship leader development director at Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA

King of Kings

Brooke Ligertwood, Jason Ingram, Scott Ligertwood


Abel Orta Jr., Daniel Martinez, Jonathan Osteen, Leeland Mooring, Leslie Garcia, Luis Garcia

Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor

Matthew Boswell, Matthew Papa

He Will Hold Me Fast

Ada Ruth Habershon, Matthew Merker

I Will Call upon the Lord

Chris Brown, Steven Furtick

Jeff Deyo

Jeff Deyo is an American contemporary Christian music solo artist, professor, author, podcaster, songwriter and worship leader Minneapolis, MN.

Graves into Gardens

Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Tiffany Hammer

Raise a Hallelujah

Jake Stevens, Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser, Molly Skaggs

Christ Be Magnified

Cody Carnes, Cory Asbury, Ethan Hulse

Way Maker

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu

See a Victory

Ben Fielding, Chris Brown, Jason Ingram, Steven Furtick

Most Mentions By WL Friends

  1. Way Maker
  2. King of Kings
  3. Graves into Gardens
  4. Goodness of God 
  5. Raise a Hallelujah
  6. Promises
  7. Psalm 23 (I Am not Alone)
  8. You Always Provide

*Writers credits on songs above

All My Life

Bede Benjamin-Korporaal, Hannah Hobbs, Renee Sieff & Ben Tan

All Praise (Sing Praise)

Andi Rozier, Jason Ingram, Matt Redman 

And Can It Be

Charles Wesley

Christ Our Hope in Life and Death

Jordan Kauflin, Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Matthew Merker 

Dear God

Aodhan King, Cory Asbury

Faithful Now

Eddie Hoagland, Hank Bentley, Jonathan Smith, Mia Fieldes 

Famous For (I Believe)

Alexis Slifer, Chuck Butler, Jordan Sapp, Krissy Nordhoff, Tauren Wells

For Such a Time as This (Esther’s Song)

Misha Goetz, Marty Goetz

I Will Sing

Sandra McCracken 

Mighty to Save

Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan

O Thou Traveler Unknown

Charles Wesley

Rest on Us

Harvest Bashta 

Revelation Song

Jennie Lee Riddle

Run to the Father

Cody Carnes, Matt Maher, Ran Jackson 

Seek Ye First

Karen Lafferty


Andrew Ripp, Cory Asbury, Ethan Hulse, Jared Anderson

The Blessing

Chris Brown, Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe, Steven Furtick


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