Worship Radar: Q&A with Jaime Masetta

By Jamie Mountford

God has a way of changing directions in our lives, in ways that are unexpected, surprising, and ultimately glorifying to Him. Singer/songwriter Jaime Masetta had such an experience as a high schooler that brought her into worship music ministry. 

Masetta says, “From kindergarten to junior year of high school, I was set on pursuing musical theatre as my career. Nothing could sway me another way. I was working on all the things I needed for college auditions and I was ready to go. Then, I started to grow more in my faith.” As her faith grew, so did the calling to worship music. 

“I started getting involved with the youth group at my church, playing piano and singing with the band, in my sophomore year of high school. At that point, my faith was barely there and I felt a little out of place at first.” As Masetta’s faith grew, so did her heart for God. “One day, I sang some praise and worship with the band and something came over me. Afterwards, a few people came up to me and told me that they could feel the Holy Spirit moving through me and how what I was doing brought them closer to God. What they didn’t know was that I was already feeling a pull to worship and music ministry, which scared me. I felt like everyone was counting on me to do musical theatre.”

Thankfully, Masetta did not allow perceptions to keep her from asking for counsel. “The next day, I talked to my voice teacher, who was also really excited for me to do musical theatre. I remember she stopped me while I was talking about my experiences and how I was feeling to say, ‘The way you talk about your ministry is so different from the way you talk about theatre. Your smile gets huge!’ Her suggestion to go this route rattled me because I thought she wanted me to do theatre. Later on that day, my mom said the same thing. God was just shoving me in this other direction, and I prayed about it for a few days. Then I realized that God was opening an amazing door for me! That’s when I started to pursue music ministry and worship.”

Masetta released her first professional EP, “Stages of Hope,” including the single “Most High God,” in March of this year, right before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation. Unfortunately, this has made it hard to promote her music. However, she is currently working on a Christmas single slated to be out in November and a full-length album for next year. 

Masetta states, “Other than that, I am helping lead at my home church, and I am also an adult volunteer for the youth group. I have been playing at a few churches around Ohio besides my home church. Right now, my main goals are the single, the album, and expanding my career as much as I can so my music can reach the hearts of more people.

“I want my music to hold something special for everyone. I have been working very hard to establish the exact sound and feel I want to bring to the table, and I have recently found that I’m straying away from the normal worship music and am a bit more singer-songwriter/indie. I want to show people that worship can take many forms.”

With her rich vocal tone and unique musical background, Masetta hopes to bring the light of Christ to people in a fresh way. “My mission is to bring Christ to people through my music, no matter where they are in their faith,” Masetta explains. “If they’re struggling, I want my music to be a guide to Christ for them. For the people who have a strong faith life, I want them to have songs to worship and praise Him through. My greatest hope is that my music can be a light for everyone in every stage of life and faith.” 

Jaime Masetta’s EP can be found on all major music outlets, as well as her website, jaimemasetta.com. Broadway may have lost a star, but God had bigger plans for Masetta that the worship community is grateful to experience.


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