Function: Headphones

: $169

: Designed to be the “NS-10s” of over the ear headphones, the Yamaha HPH MT7W provide a neutral, flat midrange frequency response reminiscent of the classic monitors they were modeled after. Built out of a thick ABS housing, synthetic leather, and rigid die-cast aluminum support-arms, the HPH MT7Ws are incredibly durable and ideal for studio and live monitoring use.

: Continuing in the tradition of the NS-10 studio monitors, the HPH MT7W have a pronounced, smooth midrange worthy of the speakers they emulate. Balanced low end, revealing midrange and a flat top end make the HPH MT7W some of the most accurate over the ear headphones we’ve ever heard. With unmatched fidelity and a lightweight, comfortable design, HPH MT7W are ideal for critical listening and engineering in any situation.

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