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Music and Worship

Songwriting as Spiritual Discipline

What is your motivation for writing songs? Here are thoughts on writing as an intentional act of engagement with God.

The Timeless Worship Leader

Not letting age be the deciding factor for vocal teams


Is Music Morally Neutral?

What does the Bible say about using the music from our culture in our services of worship? Biola’s Dr. Barry Liesch sheds some light.

The American Idol Effect

In what ways has this immensely popular and American cultural phenom influenced church music leadership?

Have all the good tunes been written?

Defining a good song is tricky, but the main test of melodies—likewise, harmony and form—is the same for any art: the test of time. Poor quality doesn’t last long.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2015

Worship Leader magazine's picks for the top new songs for worship released this year.


Songwriting According to Charles Wesley

Worship scholar Lester Ruth helps us understand honest worship songwriting using the example of a master.

The Great Misconception

Why Music Is Not a Universal Language

The Non-Issue of Style

Getting tired of the term “worship wars”? Here are thoughts on making style-preference a passing phase.

Why We Sing

There are lots of reasons to sing in church, but what is the most important one?

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2015, So Far

ere is this year’s edition of the half-yearly round up of our favorite congregational songs. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments. 20. “Ever Be” Bethel Music As heard on: We Will Not Be Shaken Bethel Music 19...

The Details That Make a Difference

Often the little things in worship music are underrated; here are some details that might help your team take the next step in musical excellence.