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Music and Worship

How Do You Teach a New Song?

The way a new song is introduced can have a huge impact on how readily it becomes part of your church's vocabulary.

Under the Radar

Our favorite indie worship releases of 2015, so far.


Today’s Church Pianist

The technical demands for a church pianist are ever evolving. Here is a quick rundown of skill sets necessary for today's keyboardist.

Enhancing the Worship Music On and Off the Piano Bench

3 keys to playing the keyboard or piano in worship to its greatest effect.

Worship Essentials: 7 Steps for Selecting Worship Songs

As worship leaders we all want to put together the most dynamic, intimate, powerful, God stirring, anointed, fresh and relevant song list possible. But how do you do all that at once?

Time to Write Songs!

Songwriters have replaced philosophers in modern culture as the ones who give voice to our collective feelings, longings, and truths.


Why Do We Sing?

10 possible answers to the question, one final revelation.

Christmas Release Rundown, 2014

Here’s a rundown of this year’s prominent releases and our suggestion for a new, unique song to add to your Christmas setlists.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2014

Each year in our Best of the Best issue of Worship Leader magazine, we highlight what we considered the top congregational worship songs that released that year.

Traditional Versus Contemporary Worship

Struggling between contemporary and traditional music approaches? This essay from 200 years ago might help.

Top 20 Worship Songs of 2014, So Far

There certainly are more to come throughout the year, but at this point, here are our favorite songs.

What on earth are we singing? 

A series on the contemporary congregational song – Part 5