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Recording a CD: Where Do I Start?

From budget to engineers, here is a primer on what goes into recording a CD.

A Good Song and Johnny Cash

Making a priority of honing your songwriting chops.


A Band of Brothers

Worship leaders and recording artists are not lone rangers. Here are thoughts on finding your team of worship ministry partners.

The Crowd Sourced Artist

Here’s some good news: independent music has come a long way. Here are some tips on how to make use of the available tools.

Taking the Next Step in Songwriting

10 Things to consider when submitting your worship song to a publisher.

Indie Worship Artist

Are you thinking and praying about creating music for the Church? Here are 4 basic elements for you to think about as you process.


Josh Fox

Josh shares his journey and offers tips on producing a CD as well as staying in worship ministry for the long haul.