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Rejecting Cynicism

The prophetic role of creating devotional art that is filled with beauty and creativity.

God Still Speaks

Songwriters, start here! A torrent of New Song is pouring from houses of prayer giving platforms to prayer poets of this generation.


A Place for Inspiration

When is your music coming from God and when is it just another song?

A Good Song and Johnny Cash

Making a priority of honing your songwriting chops.

10 Roles of Music in Services of Worship

As the steward of music in your church, here are 10 music uses every worship leader should be familiar with.

Unique Offering

Exploring the relationship between poet, congregation, and Holy Spirit in worship songwriting.


Songwriters Getting Beneath the Surface

The songs we write influence what our congregations believe.

25 Insights for the Worship Songwriter

Just started writing the hymns of your congregation? Been doing it for years? Either way, here are some words of encouragement and insight.

Music, the Gift of Grace to the Church

Encouraging churches to continue to produce their new songs, worthy of our God’s name.

Collaboration and Community in Worship Songwriting

Creating in community to write songs that are used by God to engage his people.

11 Worship Songwriting Mistakes

Here are some classic mistakes to watch out for when you are writing a worship song.

Three Ways to Write a New Song (While Listening to Music!)

Be inspired by other artists and writers’ work while to create original songs for worship.