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When the Well Runs Dry

Some insight and creative maintenance to help you get over worship writer’s block.

“From the Inside Out”

The story behind the song and an exclusive interview with Hillsong's Joel Houston.


How-to Guide on Co-writing

Songwriting with others is powerful, but it’s an art form of its own. Here are some basic requirements if you are thinking about writing with others.

Songwriting and Inspiration

Three places to find new inspiration for the weary worship songwriter.

Songwriting for Your Movement

Every movement has a soundtrack. Here are some thoughts on blending language and love into a focused prayer to the Lord … for your community.

Meaning What We Sing

How true should the words of our worship songs be?


Taking the Next Step in Songwriting

10 Things to consider when submitting your worship song to a publisher.

How to Write a Worship Song

Songwriting is a craft. But worship songwriting is even more than craft. Here are some things to consider when writing sung prayers.

What Inspires Passionate Authentic Worship?

Interview with Hillsong's Ben Fielding

Worship Essentials: 7 Steps for Selecting Worship Songs

As worship leaders we all want to put together the most dynamic, intimate, powerful, God stirring, anointed, fresh and relevant song list possible. But how do you do all that at once?

Time to Write Songs!

Songwriters have replaced philosophers in modern culture as the ones who give voice to our collective feelings, longings, and truths.

The Richness of Our Faith

A Conversation with former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today magazine David Neff on worship, prayer poetry, and congregational song.