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5 Reasons to Co-write in Worship

Wondering how to spice up your songwriting? Here are 5 reasons to try out a collaboration.

Where Do Songs Come From? 

The writer of “Revelation Song” shares 3 keys to help answer the unanswerable question.


Indie Worship Artist

Are you thinking and praying about creating music for the Church? Here are 4 basic elements for you to think about as you process.


Have you ever given a gift to a friend or family member and secretly regretted that you didn’t keep it for yourself? Seeing it in the hands of a loved one brought out the hidden desires of your heart, and you had to squel...


Go to any seminar on writing worship music and there’s one thing you’re sure to hear: “Songs need to be the overflow of a passionate heart.” Transcending comments on style, sounds or language, it’s...

Song Story: Heart of Worship

Below is the exclusive song story behind the song “The Heart of Worship” from the new e-book, “Song Stories: The Stories Behind Worship’s Best Loved Songs, Vol. 2.” These stories have been collected from the pages of Worship Le...