“We have no such lengths to go, Nor wander far abroad; Where’er thy saints assemble now, there is a house for God.”

The lyrics of this song were primarily taken from a poem written in the 17th century by Isaac Watts. It speaks of a truth that I have been slow to comprehend: Church is not the building in which we congregate or a place we go, but rather a thing that we are. I’ve heard this countless times in my life, but it is continuously difficult to grasp. We are the place in which God now dwells: his abode. Our bodies are temples; our congregations are altars; the global, catholic Church, of which Jesus is the head, is a home for God. The Catechism explains that the Church “lives from him, in him, and for him; he lives with her and in her.” May we sing this song to remind one another of the honor and responsibility we have as saints, and learn together that as we share ourselves with the world, we are sharing Christ.

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