An Interview with Audrey Assad 

Worship Leader’s Alex MacDougall recently reconnected with noted artist, songwriter, and worship leader, Audrey Assad. In addition to her busy ministry schedule, she has also been in-studio, co-writing with, and producing, Sarah Kroger. The project is a full-length LP, entitled, Bloom, and is scheduled for release this Fall.

Worship Leader (WL): Audrey, it’s been a few months since we connected at the National Worship Leader Conference in Nashville.  Thank you again for your valuable contributions there.  Your segments during the “Songwriters in the Round” evening we so well-received and talked about in follow up.  What’s it like to participate in something like this along with such very gifted peers?

Audrey Assad:  I am often honored by the caliber of songwriting and character that surrounds me in this town and that night was no exception! Frankly, I’m just gleeful that I get to do things like that, so thank you for hosting me.

WL: Our current issue examines the theme of “tradition”.  How has tradition played a role in your personal life of worship, as well as your rich history of recordings?

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