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Worship Educators Association (WEA) Officially Launches to Connect and Empower Worship Education Professionals

Worship Educators Association (WEA) Officially Launches to Connect and Empower Worship Education Professionals

Robb Redman
Worship Educators Association (WEA) with Robert (Robb) Redman

In a significant development for worship education, we are excited to announce the formation of the Worship Educators Association (WEA). This new global community warmly welcomes professionals from diverse backgrounds in worship education and ministry.

WEA is designed to be a comprehensive network for:

  • Faculty at Christian colleges and seminaries specializing in worship studies and ministry.
  • Denominational staff dedicated to resourcing churches and leaders.
  • Missionaries and ethnomusicologists engaged in cross-cultural ministries.
  • Independent coaches and trainers aiding churches and leaders.
  • Christian school teachers guiding student worship teams.
  • Graduate and doctoral students pursuing worship studies and ministry.

Worship Educators Association (WEA)

WEA is committed to offering a multitude of benefits to its members, including:

  • Opportunities to connect with fellow educators and coaches through various events and groups.
  • Platforms for presenting research at the WEA Conference, group meetings, and through WEA publications and media.
  • Access to the latest scholarship and best practices in teaching and coaching with complimentary subscriptions to WEA publications and media.
  • Networking opportunities for finding new faculty positions or filling open roles.
  • Scholarships for emerging educators and awards recognizing excellence in teaching and coaching.
  • Exclusive discounts from WEA sponsors on books, gear, and more.

We encourage interested individuals to join before January 31, 2024, to take advantage of our special introductory annual membership fee of $90. For more information and to become a part of this groundbreaking community, please visit

WEA looks forward to fostering a vibrant and supportive environment for worship educators globally, enabling them to expand their impact and thrive in their respective fields.

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