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Jon Reddick – Creating more unity within the Church.

Jon Reddick – Creating more unity within the Church.

Jon Reddick
Jon Reddick Unity in the Church

Look, let’s face it, the Church is full of sinners – – WHICH IS WHY WE’RE IN CHURCH – – because we know we need Jesus! Amen. So, therefore, the division we see out in the world between races, cultures, political parties, etc. can also be found within the Church. That’s not okay and not the way Jesus intended his bride to behave. We are supposed to be faithful to Him and walk in the way (in His way that He modeled for us in the New Testament).

With that in mind, we asked one of our close friends, Jon Reddick, how he feels the Church can create more unity between all believers and his answer made us hungry…for more…but also hungry.

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Well, you are doing one of those things, creating avenues for us to be able to get together and even understand what each other’s worlds are like, you know, whether we’re far away from each other or whether we’re across town. But I think that’s one of the things that helps also. The Bible talks about communion and eating with each other.

Like there’s something that happens when when you share a meal with someone and you share stories with someone. Actually, it’s one of those things when you when you’re sharing stories, the brain actually can’t always tell the difference between hearing a story that someone else is and actually feeling like it’s experiencing that story for itself. Like, if I hear a story, there’s something in my brain that makes me feel like I’m actually experiencing that story and that brings the empathy, right?

So all of a sudden now I’m understanding the person across from me who before we sit down, who knows what kind of differences we may have had. But those times of sitting down and sharing stories where what we find, where we may even see ourselves in the other person’s story, I think those are things that help bring unity because we understand we are just we are all humans trying to understand how to navigate through this world and trying to point people to Jesus.

So I think those are the things that help bring unity.

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