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Paul Wilbur
Paul Wilbur Worship Leader Christians Are Frauds

Let’s face it, for a lot of different reasons our culture has made the claim that our faith is fiction and that Christians are all “frauds.” It hasn’t helped that some of our more high profile leaders have been publicly shamed for their sins, BUT, what the world is missing is that our faith isn’t rooted in trusting in a human, but in a divine living being that is in all and above it all. For that reason we are committed to gathering answers to the question “what do you say to someone who thinks all Christians are frauds” and we couldn’t be more thrilled that our first answer comes from such an established and faith filled artist.

Paul Wilbur is an internationally-acclaimed worship artist, song writer, speaker, and award-winning author. He has been leading worship and ministering for over four decades in over seventy-five nations. Millions have bought his albums and learned how to connect to God and enjoy His presence over the years. Paul received a Dove Award for best live praise and worship album of the year, ministered in thousands stadiums or churches, and has sung on hundreds of television shows.

All of that to say, not to glorify Paul in any way (spend time with him and you’ll realize how little he thinks of himself and how much he loves his “Yeshua Jesus”), but to reiterate to our audience that Paul has a bit of experience under his belt. Those in our tribe that bring the level of experience and faith as Paul are rare, so sit up and take a listen to one of our elders as he starts the conversation about how to defend ones faith. Oh, and there’s so much more to this interview, so stay tuned…

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Video Transcription

I have spent my life, uh, defending the Messiahship of Jesus, to family, friends, um, cultures and nations. And, and so I am very sensitive to be very careful that I don’t misrepresent him, not bearing his name or taking his name in vain. So that if I say to someone, yes, I’m a follower of Jesus and they may point out a fault in me or — didn’t I see, or did you say…Yeah, I’m not perfect, but I don’t worship a man. I worship a perfect One.

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