Stop Watering Down Worship

Lexi Fromm

Consumerism has made its way into worship and inevitably songwriters are finding themselves writing more poetic songs instead of powerful songs full of the word. This removal of the word in worship is leaving us with no weapon to defeat the enemy. Instead, we are left with a watered-down worship song that sounds beautiful but has no power.

This reminder is not a new idea. It’s just a reminder that worship needs to come from the Church, not just an artist who is creating for the consumer. 

When our worship comes from the Church – that’s when revival can happen. This is exactly what Pastor Russell Evans of Planetshakers* shares about with their song “Back to Life.” Written during the time of lockdown when Melbourne went from the most livable city to the most locked-down city. 

Pastor Russell shared with us the darkness that covid had on mental health in Melbourne. While covid tried to take life from the living, Planetshakers was busy writing a song prophesizing all the things that the enemy had tried to kill off would come back to life. 

There’s revival, things are coming back to life

There’s a breathing, things are coming back to life

There’s a fire, things are coming back to life

There’s a burning, things are coming back to life


I need You like nothing else

My Maker make me breathe again

There’s anticipation I can feel it in the air

The reign of death is finished

And You’re alive in me

You’re alive in me

With these lyrics, Planetshakers* sent out a rallying call to their community – We aren’t going to settle here. 

You have spoken, we are coming back to life

You have promised, we are coming back to life

We, Your people, resurrected in Your light

Hear revival

Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Being in lockdown for so long, Pastor Russell reflects, caused spiritual atrophy. Church online was easier to attend but it is only a servant and Jesus called us to gather. The lyrics from, “Back to Life,” served as a reminder for the church to come back to life – it’s simple, don’t be lazy and watch online – it’s time to gather again.

Holy Spirit fall

Fall on Your people now

‘Cause all we’re living for

Is that fresh breath of Heaven

Alive in Your Presence

Have you ever heard 150 people sound like 20,000? Following the Australian government’s decree saying churches could go back to gatherings of up to 150 people at 11:59pm on a Sunday. Pastor Russell invited 150 people to gather to worship at 12:05am on Monday morning. This gathering led to people being reminded that not only does the Holy Spirit live in you but it also comes upon you and calls you to help others. Pastor Russell shared that when people were singing this particular lyric he could see the lights coming on in people and the feeling of ‘okay we need to change the world.’

This worship song left people with a feeling of hope that things are going to get better. The worship on that Monday morning was powerful because it was rooted in the word. “Back to Life,” has been a weapon used by Planetshakers to combat the enemy. 

What worship songs have you been using to push back the enemy?

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